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Modern Diplomacy and Comparative Politics 2.0
8 weeks
44 Hours
Start date
21 March
End date
18 May
Total fee
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Participants The course is particularly relevant for students engaged in or planning to embark upon, a professional career requiring international expertise, such as diplomats or members of government departments, who are involved in international relations, international civil servants, members of non-governmental organizations or the employees of international corporate organizations.
The Program’s Goal The Goal of this course is to provide a rigorous theoretical and practical understanding of international affairs and contemporary diplomatic practices.
The Program’s Results The course will give students an advanced insight into the world of Modern Diplomacy. Featuring lectures with the leading diplomats and practitioners in the field. Course investigates diverse policy issues and the equally diverse structures of governance and diplomacy regulating them – at the international, transnational, state and sub-state levels. The course will equip you to understand, explain and practice governance as the diplomacy in the contemporary global era.
Prerequisites The prerequisites are not considered. Upper-Intermediate English skill is desired.
Brief content of the teaching course 1. Ability to demonstrate a critical understanding of the nature and development of global diplomacy, drawing on a variety of relevant contributing disciplines in the broad field of International Studies. 2. An understanding of changes in diplomatic practices and procedures and the relationship of those changes to contemporary politics. 3. A sound grounding in both theoretical and empirical approaches to debates in diplomacy so that students have been exposed to the end skills needed to analyze global diplomacy. 4. Knowledge of issues in global diplomacy in historical and contemporary contexts.
Level Certified course (English certificate)
Total Fee FREE (Payment is possible in two transactions)
First transaction fee FREE
Honorable Guests
▸ Students visit embassies, government and non-governmental organizations, where they meet acting diplomats and attend their lectures
The Hon. William Lahue

The Hon. William Lahue

Head of the NATO Liaison Office in South Caucasus
Cristian Urse

Cristian Urse

Head of Council of Europe Office in Georgia
H.E. Pascal Meunier

H.E. Pascal Meunier

Ambassador of France to Georgia
H.E. Antonio E. Bartoli

H.E. Antonio E. Bartoli

Ambassador of Italy to Georgia
H.E. Lukas Beglinger

H.E. Lukas Beglinger

Ambassador of The Swiss Confederation
H.E. Zeki L. Gurmukcu

H.E. Zeki L. Gurmukcu

H.E. Rudolf Michalka

H.E. Rudolf Michalka

Chargé d’affaires of the Republic of Slovakia to Georgia
H.E. Dessislava Ivanova

H.E. Dessislava Ivanova

Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria
H.R.H. Juan Bagrationi

H.R.H. Juan Bagrationi

Prince of Georgian Royal Family
H.E. Sandor Szabo

H.E. Sandor Szabo

Ambassador of Hungary to Georgia
H.E. Kim In Hwan

H.E. Kim In Hwan

Itsik Moshe

Itsik Moshe

President of the Israel-Georgia Chamber of Business
Invited Specialists
▸ Course is lead by both Georgian and foreign specialists
David RakviashviliNino TsilosaniLana GvinjiliaTamunia ChincharauliCarl Augustsson***
Mr. Rakviashvili worked as Georgian envoy in the United States in 2011 – 2013, supervising political and economic departments of the embassy. In 2008-2010 David was Deputy State Minister for Reintegration. In this capacity he participated in the so-called Geneva Discussions and in the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM). Also he was Co-chairman of the working group on US-Georgia Charter on Strategic Partnership. From 2009 to present is a founding member of the non-governmental organization “Baltic to Black Sea Alliance” and co-founder/chairman of the supervisory board of the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs.
Mrs. Tsilosani is a member of the Parliament of Georgia and is in the Committee of International Affairs. In 2012-2016 was head of financial economic department at “carriage-building company”. In 2008-2016 was a supervisory council member at “electric carriage-repairing Factory”. Also she was a Vice-president at Georgian Employers Association and Founder of “Tsilosani Foundation”.
Ms. Ghvinjilia is the head of development and public relations at Saakashvili Presidential Library. She holds MS degree in Government Administration (GIPA) and Journalism (Tbilisi State University). She has been working at both local and international organizations in public relations, media and development area for 11 years. (TI Georgia, USAID GEAR Project, IFES, WWF, PA Consulting, OSGF, etc.). Also she has been head of public relations department at Ilia State University for 4 years. From 2011 she is reading lectures in public relations, communications, NGOestablishments,civil activism, campaign planning and volunteer development.
Ms. Tamunia Chincharauli has an extensive educational and professional background in the field of Public Policy and Administration. She holds MSc in Policy Studies, MA in Public Policy and Administration, and BA in Public Administration. Ms. Chincharauli has worked in public, private, and civil society sector, as well as academia, in senior managerial positions. Currently, she is holding a position of a Program Manager at Peace Corps Georgia. Ms. Chincharauli is an author and co-author of various publications and researches in the fields of public administration, public policy, good governance, citizen participation, agriculture policy, and others. Ms. Chincharauli has been delivering courses in public Policy Analysis, Public Policy Process, Institutions and Government, and Project Management for Bachelor and Master’s degree students at two universities. She has also worked in the capacity of a trainer, designing and delivering capacity building trainings for American consultants, Georgian civil servants, and other groups of professionals.
Mr. Augustsson is an American professor and educationalist. He holds Science Degrees from Richmond, Groingen, Uppsala and Aberdeen Universities. He received PhD from Bulgarian State University in State Government Theme. While Carl was working on his research, he traveled to 83 countries.
About The Program
▸ The Advantages of The Program
Our Principles 5D
Elimination of inefficient and rudimentary functions of the state, liberation of citizens from unnecessary procedures, restriction of the state control over the business activities in their respective areas.
Simplification of the bureaucratic procedures. Bureaucracy should be a service, a means of development – not a problem.
Elimination of monopolies at all levels and development of a competitive environment..
Dispersing certain functions from central government to the local Government bodies.
The concentration of multiple functions in single institutions create grounds for uncontrolled power. Through de- concentration, most of the functions are redistributed to the industry associations, non-profit professional organizations and businesses.
Learning Process


The courses of our academy are based on dynamic learning and the methodologies of problem based learning (PBL). Our students visit the biggest companies and governmental structures – they meet face to face the most successful leaders and attend their lectures.


Learning process is full of practical exercises and entertainment programs. Students visit ranchos – they learn how to ride the horse, they sample premium-class wines, have instructions in bowling, and participate in tourneys of bowling and table tennis.
▸ Georgios Ranch - Location where we meet on Saturday (15 min away from Lisi Lake)
Academic Visits
▸ List of Organizations where the lectures will be held
Course Schedule
▸ Meeting dates and hours
Course schedule Download
Registration and Course Fee
▸ Total income will be used to cover part of course expenses
Total Fee FREE (Payment is possible in two transactions)
First Transaction Fee FREE
Expanses The Program fee includes all related training costs
Registration Deadline 18 March 2017
Project Manager +995 558 33 44 07